Talking to my grandparents this week, they expressed how valuable they find Facebook for feeling connected to their increasingly geographically-spread family. Reminded me that there is a valuable, relationship-affirming side of social media tools that exists in tension with the increasingly distressing aspects of the attention economy.

Although that may simply be because the algorithms haven’t caught up with nonagenarians [yet].

Silent Retreat 2018

I spent the weekend in silence at Four Springs retreat center with 19 other members of my spiritual community. As always a sweet, challenging time of disconnection, reflection, nature, and art.

Just finished 📚 “Turtles All the Way Down”. Feeling unexpectedly moved by the act of closing it, like I’m leaving behind a place I would like to stay.

I’m less philosophically aligned with The Economist these days, but giving users more control seems like a good starting point.

“Just as America drew up sophisticated rules about intellectual property in the 19th century, so it needs a new set of laws to govern the ownership and exchange of data, with the aim of giving solid rights to individuals.” – How to Tame the Tech Titans

“I’m a downhill skier. I get to the bottom. Once I’ve gotten to the end I do a lot of rewriting. I start rewriting from the front while I’m still writing at the back, just to remind myself what I’ve written.” – Margaret Atwood on writing

Picked up John Green’s 📚 “Turtles All the Way Down” two days ago; stayed up an extra hour last night reading. This is why I love YA novels.

Decided to disable Twitter cross-posting for a while. Even though I’m a very light user, I found myself thinking about followers there when I had the impulse to post to It might be better if I could let go of that, but posting is better than not posting for me.