Do replies get handled differently than regular posts somehow? Noticing that two replies I wrote on the mac app in the last week don’t show up on the web. /cc @manton

It seems like’s IndieAuth doesn’t support custom domains; can’t help wondering if there’s a [long term] risk there using it to sign in to something like IndiePaper since I don’t have control over the domain.

Back in the studio today, printing little cards with our little house on them. #linocut #printmaking #relief #imadethis

git config core.autocrlf auto on Windows side; core.autocrlf input on WSL side and… it just sort of works like I expect.

Needed to replace my aging personal computer, decided to dip my toe in the Windows world again. WSL on Windows feels a little like black magic.

Back in frontend land, reminded today that setState in React is aggressively asynchronous; need to verify a change? Use a callback.

Two weeks in, and I can’t believe the difference. People: if you have options, do not put up with energy-draining shit at work. It may be you, but it’s [definitely] also them.

Notified yesterday that I wasn’t selected for Big Ink. Bummer, but I think I’ll just do the work on my own now.

Submitted my proposal for Big Ink at the last minute last night. If selected I’ll be turning this into a 40” x 30” Woodcut print.