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In 24 hours I’ll be an uncle again. Woah.

Really enjoying Procreate 4. Huge, free upgrade.

Finally got around to writing about how we did Product Engineering at Remind:…

Saw Patti Cake$ over the weekend. Fun mashup of film formulas, enjoyable despite any predictability.

Released an update to Hieroglyph yesterday, fixing compatibility with Sphinx 1.6. Happy that the majority of the changes came from others.

Discovered Versioneer yesterday, basically exactly how I always wanted Python version tagging to work.…

Still questions, over two years later.…

If wearing sweatpants in public means I’ve given up on life, I should have given up much sooner.

“Do your research online. Create offline.”

Reduction printing explained visually:…

Work in progress from the studio this weekend, homage to Matisse’s “Seated Pink Nude”. Reduction linocut print with selective inking. Hoping to get it finished this week! Loving the Van Dyke Brown in the background and Rubinius Red; a little Payne’s Gray and we’ll have all my faves. #wip #linocut #printmaking #relief #matisse #color #layering

As someone who still has 5.25” floppies of Brøderbund’s Print Shop, Print Shop Companion, etc, interesting to think about when my expectations around software upgrades changed.

Ulysses is my go-to app for writing. They announced they’re going SAAS, and their explanation feels transparent and honest.

Observed at hair salon: patron trying to explain bitcoin startups to very bored looking stylist.

Spent yesterday evening exploring TypeScript and WebExtensions. Tinkering like it’s 2004.…

Photos from the Color Woodcut Printmaking workshop at Constellation Studios last week.

Second print from my time at @constellationstudios this week. Two block reduction woodcut. I’m beat and content from five days of printmaking. #relief #printmaking #woodcut

I’m in Nebraska this week participating in the Color Woodcut Printmaking at @constellationstudios today. I finished my first project today. Pretty pleased with the overall result, especially since I don’t normally do abstract. Thanks to @robsnyderorigami for the crease pattern that formed the foundation for this piece. #printmaking #relief #foldandprint #woodcut

Turns out you can get a blister on the back of your first knuckle from carving blocks for printmaking. Yay.

Some more practice from this weekend. #printmaking #relief #linocut